Helping kids be active for life!

Learning basic movement skills helps kids to be comfortable being active throughout life. Some of these skills include running, throwing, skipping, kicking and catching. Knowing just one movement skill can allow more opportunities for future chances for physical activity. For example, if a kid can catch, they can take part in baseball, basketball, or other activities that involve catching. Kids also need to develop a positive attitude toward physical activity. This helps them to enjoy being active and encourages lifelong activity.

On March 24, 75 Ajax school educators and community partners participated in Functional Fitness Chart (Thompson Education Publishing, Inc.) and GROOVE EDGEucation training. Participants were given resources to encourage kids to have fun with physical activity, dance and movement, as well as fitness charts to help kids learn and practice basic movement skills every day.

A set of Functional Fitness Charts are available at Ajax Public Library for Ajax residents to use with their families. Functional Fitness Chart videos can also be found at

Video – Today’s kids are the first generation with a shorter life expectancy than their parents. What would you do with five more years?

Ophea Videos – What is physical and health literacy and why are they important?

Part 1 – Introduction to Physical & Health Literacy

Part 2 – Exploring Physical & Health Literacy

Part 3 – Applying Physical & Health Literacy


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