Mom and daughter drinking water

Eat Your Water!

Kids need an average of five to eight cups of water per day. It can be hard to keep track of how much water your child is getting throughout the day. Another alternative to keep hydrated, is to eat your water! Approximately 20 to 25% of daily water intake comes from solid foods, such as fruits and vegetables. Including fruits and vegetables in your kid’s meals throughout the day not only keeps them hydrated, but also gives them the essential nutrients and energy they need to stay healthy and play all day!

Check out these 6 foods to help your kid stay hydrated:

  • Watermelon – 92% of water
  • Celery – 95% of water
  • Cucumbers – 96% of water
  • Strawberries – 92% of water
  • Cantaloupe – 90% of water
  • Bell Peppers – 92% of water

Stock up on these fruits & veggies and include them in meals and for snacks!

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