Girl drinking water from a fountain

Introducing Theme 2: Water Does Wonders

Healthy Kids Ajax is launching Theme 2 – Wonder Does Wonders! The goal of this theme is to encourage kids and their families to reduce the intake of sugar-sweetened beverages and reach for water as the healthier alternative! We all know that water is essential to overall good health, but it is also the most convenient and low-cost way to stay hydrated.

Facts about water:

  • Water makes up to 60% of a child’s body
  • Water contains zero sugar, calories and caffeine
  • Replacing sugar-sweetened beverages with water can reduce obesity
  • Water regulates body temperature
  • Tap water contains fluoride, which prevents cavities and tooth decay
  • Water is constantly shed from our bodies throughout the day, drinking water regularly can prevent dehydration and help regular body function

Let’s encourage kids to make water their first choice!

Facts Sheet: Water Does Wonders

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