The Healthy Kids Community Challenge is now focusing on its fourth theme, Power Off and Play. This them encourages kids and families to build a balanced day by replacing screen time with more physical activity. It’s all about powering off devices and playing more.

Why focus on screen time

  • Research suggests that higher screen time can harm many aspects of children’s health including early development, physical and psychosocial health.
  • Screen time is also a concern because it can interfere with and take time away from healthy activities in a child’s day.

Three ways to address screen time

  1. Stay within recommended screen time limits
    • Health and health promotion experts in Canada recommend limiting children’s exposure to screens. This can reduce the associated health risks and promote positive health outcomes.
  2. Put screens away during important times of day
    • Screen time can interfere with important daily routines, making it difficult for children to stay healthy. In particular, it’s vital to power off screens for sleep time and meal time.
  3. Replace some screen time with other activities
    • When children spend time in front of screens, they have less time free for other healthy activities. A balanced day should be filled with learning, physical activity, social interaction and fun activities.